Brushy Creek

There 7 to 10 inch gills being caught on Hank’s Spikes and Wax Worms. Some walleyes being caught on Wax Worm tipped jigs. 9 to 13 inch crappies being caught 3 feet from the bottom of the lake, North side. Crappies have been biting on Gill Pills and Tungsten jigs. Make sure to tease the bite a little more than usual.

No recent reports from the South end of Brushy.

ICE: recent reports say about 8 inches of solid ice.

Brinker(East Lake)

Word has been going around that some decent sized crappies and bluegills are being caught near the bridge and South boat ramp. Customers have been using Pink/White rat finkies tipped with Wax Worms. Also using Schucks spoons tipped with Red Spikes or Regular Spikes.

ICE: ~5-8 inches of good ice