Bass: Have been hitting on spinnerbaits and swim jigs. In mercury water use a gold blade and a brighter color skirt like chartreuse or a pearl white. Cast around weeds and timber. The new Bling spinnerbait or Hutch’s spinnerbaits are most popular.

Bluegills: They are done spawning and are starting to head for deeper water. You can find them near grass beds and rocky areas. Use a hook and a bobber tipped with a red worm, this seems to be deadly and the fish just can’t resist. Also a 1/32 oz jig with a 1 inch Gulp Alive Leech have been bring them in also.

Crappies: Same with the bluegills they are done spawning and are moving back to deeper water. You can find them around stake beds and underwater wood piles. Try using a crystal bullet tipped with waxie, Also they are hitting on a hook and bobber tipped with a minnow.

Catfish: They have mostly been caught in lakes, or on the current break. Most have been using Sonny’s dip bait either regular or blood, they seem to be working the same. ┬áThe Sonny”s used with the J&N Dip Worms have been working the best and seem to hold the dip bait better.